Sebastian Kaiser, founder of FiveQuestionsFor

FiveQuestionsFor (FQF) is an independent blog covering issues related to sustainability. To encourage public debate, the blog presents people whose ideas will make a valuable contribution to solve tomorrow’s global challenges. The selected topics presented in brief interviews come from a wide variety of fields. Nevertheless, all of them support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) directly, if in the broadest sense.

Sebastian Kaiser has studied at the University of Cologne and received his PhD in Linguistics. He gave lectures and worked at Linguistic Chairs in Cologne and Wuppertal, Germany. After his university career, he delved into corporate communications. Currently, Sebastian is working as a consultant in a communications agency in Essen, Germany. A father of two beautiful young children, he thinks about the future. And he loves to ask questions.

Picture Credit: Michael Schopps