December 13, 2017: Britta Schaffmeister, Director of the Dutch Marine Energy Center, The Netherlands, topic: Marine Energy

December 12, 2017: Dr. Alfred Wiater, chairman of the board of the German Sleep Society (DGSM) & Prof. Thomas Penzel, director of the interdisciplinary sleep medicine center at the Charité university hospital, Berlin, Germany, topic: Sleep

September 28, 2017: Henning Dräger, IIRC’s Global Director for <IR> Business Networks & Innovation, Kiev, Ukraine, topic: Integrated Reporting

August 28, 2017: Prof. Steve Stewart-Williams, associate professor of psychology at Nottingham University Malaysia Campus, Semenyih, Malaysia, topic: Evolutionary Psychology

August 15, 2017: Andreas Feiner, founding partner of Arabesque Asset Management, London, United Kingdom, topic: Sustainable Investing

August 11, 2017: Dr. Tim Jones, Programme Director of Future Agenda, London, United Kingdom, topic: Game Changer

August 08, 2017: Gabriela Jelonek, founder of the online radio show “Erasmus evening”, Poznań, Poland, topic: Student Exchange